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Italy is a land of great tastes. Be it in food or design, Italy is the originator of many novel ideas. The same is the case with the treads that are designed by Pirelli. Pirelli is a tyre company that is focussed on coming up with great ideas for tread and tyre designs. This fact is the reason that has put it at the forefront of all tyre brands. We, TNT Service Centre, believe in the innovations and quality delivered by Pirelli, and therefore store some of the best models of Pirelli tyres at our garage. With Pirelli tyres Mansfield, you are ensured top-notch performance for your cars. 

Pirelli has numerous research facilities spread in many different countries. Its research facilities employ more than 1,900 personnel working tirelessly to come up with innovative ideas for tyres and treads with a one-up over currently available tyres in the market. Pirelli, with the help of its R&D department, has acquired 6500 patents and is still working on many more. To grow more, Pirelli invests more than 6% of the total revenues generated in a year on the research of new tyre techs. 

In 2018, Pirelli crossed the mark of 75 million tyres being sold in the international market. When it comes to tyre manufacturing, Pirelli is one of the biggest companies all around the world. Pirelli has 19 manufacturing facilities in 12 different countries with a workforce of more than 31,000 people, which is one of the reasons behind its success. The tyres must pass through a series of rigorous tests and checks before they make their way through to the market.

Pirelli has sponsored more than 460 motorsport events and is also the official partner of Formula 1 races. Pirelli has established its stores in more than 160 countries of the world. With millions of loyal customers and numerous car brands depending on Pirelli for their car's performance, Pirelli has made its presence known in almost every part of the world. 

Brands like Audi, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ducati, etc. use Pirelli for their original equipment. It is the confidence of Pirelli Tyres that has made many pioneer car brands put their faith in Pirelli tyres. Pirelli has excellent customer care services that fortify the trust of its customers furthermore. You can call at any of its service centres, and someone will always be there with you in your need.

We, at TNT Service Centre, put our full faith in the quality of Pirelli tyres Mansfield, and therefore stock some of the best tyres that Pirelli has to offer. Our experts welcome the drivers' community in Mansfield to visit our garage and have a look at our collection of tyres. We also provide tyre-fitting service at our garage, so you don't have to wander around for their fitting. You can also book your tyres online with us. To know more about the garage services we offer, drop us a line.



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