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TNT Service Centre is a one-stop location for all your vehicle needs. We are one among the few garages that provide all-round care for vehicles in Mansfield. Amongst the many services, we are also providers of retail tyres. And even in retail, we are committed to ensuring that only the best quality products reach our customers. We retail Dunlop tyres which, due to their history of excellence and commitment towards providing quality products, are amongst one of the most well-known tyre brands in the world.

Dunlop as a company was started by John Boyd, an Irishmen famed for his inventions and enhancements of rubber for use in wheels. Today, the name Dunlop is synonymous with quality and reliability; it is also a part of the Goodyear family.

Even before being associated with bigwigs in the industry, Dunlop Tyres was making leaps and bounds towards innovations in the tyre industry. The company’s work on tread patterns and their relationship to water displacement was what led to a better understanding and enhancement of tread pattern. These enhancements effectively brought down the problem of aquaplaning by a huge margin. The work done in the field has earned the company a place amongst the most well-known tyre brands.

Dunlop has also been an active participant in motorsports, especially in two-wheeler categories of the sport. Experience in motorsports, as claimed by Dunlop, has enabled the brand to ensure that every tyre that leaves its factory, is capable of performing to the levels that match the proficiency of high-performance tyres. With time they have improved on their stature and are now one of the most sought after brand of tyres.

Dunlop today is well known for the build quality of its products and the rigorous checks it makes its products undergo. These checks are performed with such attention to detail that the brand frequently comes out with special durability guarantees.

We, at TNT Service Centre, have tried and tested Dunlop tyres Mansfield. Based on their performance, we have no doubts in recommending their use to our customers. Coupled with this, we provide tyre fitments repairs and maintenance to ensure that the overall tyre needs of customers are met. The experts we employ here are also well versed with the idea of advising customers on tyre selection. This advice is based on the driving style, weather conditions and road surface of the customer's local area.



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