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When we talk about road safety, Continental Tyres is a brand that comes first among all the other tyre brands present in the market. The roots of Continental Tyres date back to 1871 when a rubber company named as Continental AG came into existence. Continental is dedicated to providing tyres with safer treads, therefore comes up with numerous innovations every now and then. We, at TNT Service Centre, agree with Continental's safety vision of reducing the deaths happening due quality of the tyres in an accident to zero. Hence, we only store high-quality Continental tyres Mansfield.

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Continental Tyres has come up with an initiative known as "vision zero", wherein it wants to reduce the death toll happening due to poor quality of tyres in a road accident to an absolute zero. Continental was the first brand to come up with the idea of tread patterns and has made an astounding advancement in the pattern design since then. 

The manufacturing facilities of continental tyres are huge and advanced in every sense. The facilities are equipped with cutting edge German technology to ensure the quality of tyres that are being manufactured in them. With over 54,000 personnel working for continental tyres, it sells millions and millions of tyres every year. Car manufacturing brands like Renault, Toyota, Honda, Porsche, Ford, BMW, GM use continental tyres as their original equipment. 

It was found that every third car in the UK is fitted with continental tyres. The confidence is based on the research and development being conducted at Continental's facilities. Continental Tyres invests heavily in the R&D department. Engineers at continental tyres work dedicatedly to help in the advancement of tyre manufacturing industries all around the world. Many tyre manufacturers use continental tyres' techs for their tyres.

It is the experience of 140 years that upholds the fact that Continental collects annual revenue of more than €44 billion without compromising on the quality for a bit. Continental Tyres thanks its customers for its success, and therefore does everything in its might to serve them in the best way possible. The German tyre brand believes in a better present with a sustainable future, hence employ eco-friendly technologies at its facilities.

When you come to us, here at TNT Service centre, our experts will assist you in your purchase of high-quality Continental tyres Mansfield. When you come to us, you don't have to worry a bit, as the tyres suggested by our technicians will be a sure fit for your cars. You can make use of our fitting services and get your new tyres fitted in your vehicles at our garage as well. In case you know what tyres will fit your vehicle the best, you can buy them online from our website. To know more about our services, don't forget to give us a call.



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