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Tyres Repairs

It is quite common that sharp objects such as nails and shards of glass damage the tread of a vehicle's tyres. This damage can lead to punctures, hence shorten the tyre's life. To ensure that this does not cause much problem, TNT Service Centre provides relief to tyre owners by providing speedy and inexpensive repair services. Tyre repair Mansfield is executed by professional experts who have spent years in maintaining and repairing damaged tyres.

Tyres, the most important aspect of a vehicle, should not be ignored. They are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the surface of the road. This is the reason why they experience such high wearing. Tyres are responsible for the safety of a vehicle. Therefore, it is unwise to ignore any damage to the tyres. 

Some of the most common reasons behind damaged tyres are-

  • under or over-inflated tyres
  • low tread depth 
  • using them on extremely bad roads, or
  • problems with wheel alignment or wheel balancing. 

To keep these problems from ruining your tyres, get them fixed with us immediately.

What is a puncture?

A puncture develops in a tyre when a sharp object like glass or a nail embeds itself into the tread. These objects cause a leak in the tyre compromising its ability to maintain air pressure.

How is a puncture fixed?

A puncture is fixed by simply blocking the leakage. This is done using a special hardened piece of rubber. This hardened piece of rubber has to be inserted into the leak. The insertion needs precision to ensure that the leak is fixed and air pressure is maintained. As such, this is the job of an expert. A novice can cause the leak to intensify by inappropriately fixing the puncture.

At TNT Service Centre, we have an extremely qualified and dedicated team of workers who ensure that every leak in each tyre brought to our facility is fixed with precision. They are also well versed with the use of latest equipment to facilitate fixes and use only the best quality materials. Drive your car to us the next time you want your tyre punctures Mansfield repaired efficiently. 

The experts at our service centre are more than happy to advise customers on normal maintenance schedules which can prolong the life of tyres without compromising a ride’s quality or safety. 

Pro Tip: Always keep the air pressure in your tyres at optimum levels prescribed by the manufacturer. This not only ensures the even wearing of tyres along with providing a comfortable ride but also increases the vehicle’s mileage as well.

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