Timing Belts

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Timing is everything, especially when it comes to machines. One small component out of tune can wreak havoc on entire systems. In the case of vehicles, this is more so the case as the slightest untimely move in the engine can potentially destroy it. We, at TNT Service Centre, are more than aware of this and are committed to providing the best quality parts and services to ensure maintenance of timing in the engine of a vehicle. We also employ the most qualified team of professional mechanics for the maintenance and repair of engines. We provide all these parts and services at the most affordable prices with the promise of quality that is never compromised.

What are timing or cam belts?

The different pistons in an internal combustion engine need to move in tandem with one another. This tandem is maintained by perfectly timing the movements of the pistons. The timing belt is what facilitates this synchronisation of piston movements. Without the timing belt, the pistons will run amok and destroy the engine. Therefore, it is essential in running the engine.

When do you need to get the timing belt changed?

Despite being the lynchpin of the engine, there is no sure way of knowing when to change the timing belt Mansfield, apart from the obvious signs of its breakage. However, experts suggest that timing belts should either be changed or checked regularly once the vehicle has run for more than 50,000 miles.

Signs of a broken timing belt

There are obvious and sure signs that will present themselves whenever the timing belt in the engine is broken. There will be a loud clattering from the engine, which if ignored will lead to chunks of metal flying out from it. Therefore, if there is any suspicion that the engine has suffered a broken timing belt, it should be shut down immediately. The engine then should only be started after the timing belt has been changed and the engine checked for damage.

At our facilities, we have a host of experts who specialise in the maintenance and repair of engine components. This allows us to offer impeccable services, which coupled with the exceptional quality of parts ensures engine safety. We offer engine repair and timing belt Mansfield change facilities at exemplary prices which in no way compromises the quality of the work. We therefore unreservedly claim that TNT Service Centre provides the best repair and timing belt replacement in Mansfield.

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