DPF Regeneration

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With time, better and more advanced methods of lowering emissions from cars are being used. One of these methods is the use of the DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter in diesel vehicles. The importance of these filters has increased with the increase in problems caused by emissions. At our facility at TNT Service Centre, customers can avail amazing prices on DPF regeneration Mansfield and help in reducing their carbon footprints.

At our facility, nothing is taken lightly. The best quality equipment is used to burn away the soot that accumulates in the DPF. Our experts also help us to give our customer’s the promise of a comfortable and reliable job.

A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a filter which traps soot and particulate matter produced during the running of a diesel engine. And like any other filter, it has a maximum capacity of capturing the desired particles. Therefore, to ensure that the DPF does not fail, leading to an excessive release of particulate matter from the engine’s exhaust, DPF regeneration must be practised.

There are two ways of DPF regeneration- passive and active.

In passive regeneration of the DPF, exhaust uses the heat of the emitted fumes and burns up the trapped particulate matter. This regeneration is performed without any external help. However, when vehicles are driven at speeds that do not allow the exhaust system to achieve burning temperatures, it starts accumulating particulate matter that can choke the DPF.

This is where active DPF regeneration Mansfield comes into play. For active DPF regeneration, the DPF is subjected to special chemicals that reduce the burning temperature of the particulate matter. The heat from the vehicle’s engine is used to burn up the particulate matter.

All this needs to be performed under the care and watchful eye of an expert who knows all the nitty-gritty of vehicles. Failure to ensure a clean DPF can cause it to choke, increasing the emissions from the vehicle and creating the possibility of it being denied an MOT certificate.

To ensure that all diesel vehicles run without any problems, DPF regeneration is important whenever the exhaust fumes acquire a greyish hue. Failure to reduce emissions from a vehicle due to lack of proper maintenance can invite fines of up to 1,000 pounds. To avoid this, avail the reliable services at TNT Service Centre.

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