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Even though brakes are the first line of defence in a chaotic situation, they are one of the most neglected parts in a vehicle. One should form a habit of getting their brakes checked from time to time with an auto garage for maximum safety on the roads. When you come to us, at TNT Service Centre, our experts will have a look at your brake rotors and also on the brake linings of your car. It is mandatory to maintain the optimum level of brake fluid for proper functioning of the hydraulic system of the brakes. 

While coping with city traffic, the brakes tend to wear out at a faster pace than normal. In order to get your brakes Mansfield repaired from expert technicians, don't forget to bring your car to us. It is easy to identify any problem in the brakes by making simple observations. You can look for the following things going wrong in your car to identify a failing braking system:

High Pitched Noise

When we talk about normal functioning of a car, any uncommon sound is always a bad sign. The same is with the brakes of your vehicle. Generally, a squealing sound points to the worn-out brake pads. If the same is the case with your car, drive your vehicle to us today, and we will get them replaced with new ones. 

Unusual vibrations

If you encounter vibrations when you apply the brakes, then it is pointing at a fault that needs immediate repairs. Unwanted vibrations mean your brakes are suffering from an alignment issue. Make sure to get them corrected to maintain the necessary safety on the roads. 

Fluid Leakage

The biggest issue with brake failure is the leakage of fluid inside the brake housings. It can lead to a sudden rupture in the braking system that can cause compromising situations in the middle of a busy traffic. 

Dashboard warning lights

Modern cars have high tech computers installed in them that run automatic diagnostics to help you identify issues and problems with any component of your vehicle. The result is then coded into an error sequence that causes the warning lights on your dashboard to light up. When the brake warning lights are on, make sure to get your brakes checked with an expert to prevent any mishaps from happening while you are on the road. 

It is advised by the experts to get your brakes checked after every 6,000 miles. It will help you feel confident in your drive and also keep you safe on the roads. If you want us, TNT Service Centre, to inspect your brakes Mansfield, then drive your car to us, and our experts will perform the necessary checks and tests. In case, you want to know more about the services that we offer, don't forget to give us a call.

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