MOT Mansfield


To take your vehicle for the MOT test every year is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom. You must have the MOT certificate while driving. Ministry of Transport test, or simply MOT, is a series of checks that are performed on your vehicle to check its roadworthiness. We, at TNT Service Centre, want you to know that we offer genuine class 4 MOT Mansfield test. In case you have any doubts regarding the genuineness of the test, we would like to let you know that we have been authorised by the government.

After three years of purchase, it is mandatory for vehicle owners to annually take their car for the MOT test Mansfield. The test is crucial, as it a thorough examination of your vehicle that determines if your vehicle is fit to run on the road or not. It is to be noted that a huge number of vehicles fail the test each year. TNT Service Centre wishes to be your partner in MOT services.

Before visiting our garage for the MOT test, perform a ten-minute check to ensure a pass certificate. The checks focus on the inspection of basic elements of your car like wind-shield, wipers, brake fluids, mirrors, headlights, etc. If you feel something is wrong with your vehicle, take a pre-MOT test. Do this to avoid wastage of money.

If you are driving your car with an expired or failed MOT test certificate, you can be penalised with a fine up to £1000, and prosecuted for the same as well. To avoid such a hefty fine, bring your vehicle to us and get your MOT done on time. As mentioned earlier, we offer MOT for class 4 vehicles. The vehicles that are considered in the inspection of class 4 are as follows:

  • A three-wheeler that has a weight over 450kg (Unladen)
  • Cabs and taxis for commercial purposes
  • Minibuses and ambulances with a maximum of 12 passenger seats.
  • Vehicles used for carrying goods with a gross weight not exceeding 3000kgs.
  • Caravans

If you are in Mansfield, get your MOT done with a genuine test centre like us to avoid any fraudulent repairs. When you bring your vehicle to TNT Service Centre, we will conduct a class 4 MOT Mansfield test, and provide you with an authentic passing certificate if your car clears it. In case you have any queries regarding MOT tests, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you clear your doubts.

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