It’s no surprise that the braking system on your vehicle is one of the most important features to maintain – after all, it ensures that you stop safely!

We offer a totally free brake check to any vehicle, so if you’re in or around Mansfield there’s really no reason not to pop down to our garage for a check up. It is important you know what to look and listen for if you ever have any issues with your brakes.

Common symptoms and signs of brake faults:

  • A grinding noise or squealing noise – Brake pads wearing very low.
  • Brake pedal juddering – Possible warped front discs.
  • Brake pedal crunching – This could be an ABS Fault.
  • Hard brake pedal – Brake servo assistance problems.
  • Brake pedal dropping to the floor – Possible brake fluid leak.
  • Car pulls when braking – Sticking brake or hydraulic issue.

With fantastic prices on all break repairs, TNT is the local expert to help maintain your vehicle’s braking system.